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Customer Support




How do I book an event?

After visiting our website and it's different pages, the best thing you can do is call us and tell us what do you have in mind. We will have some prices up in the website to give a notion of how much will you spend. Once you call us , we will discuss the details of the project and give you a quote based on your needs.


What services does premium events provide?

 Premium events adapts perfectly to the needs of our customers. We provide catering,event planning, event designing, music, valet parking and anything else you may need. And all of those services are provided on their own so you can customize your plan the way you prefer.


What are corporate events?


As the name states, if a company needs to make an event, but doesn't want to use their own workforce for such a thing, we can organize the event for said company, adapting to their needs. 


How does premium events handle the food?

We buy our ingredients from the best suppliers in the market. Then a professional chef that designed our menus prepares the food together with the chefs' handpicked team the day the event is scheduled in order to maintain maximum freshness.




DHow do I get a quote?

Once you have an idea of what do you want to do. We'll put you in contact with our event planner, to sort out the details and make a plan in order to give you an estimate ASAP